What is your Refund / Return Policy?

We have moved to a made to order system as of August 2016 for all shirt and apparel. Therefore all sales are final. However we do operate under a satisfaction guarantee that allows you the opportunity to discuss any issues you have with the item you received.

Issues that arise with custom sneakers may be eligible for a touch up or final edits. In these cases you will be asked to send detailed photos of the issues you have with the sneakers and we will open a discussion as to how to make things better. If your requests are within reason and demonstrate a flaw that could have been avoided, we are happy to accept the sneakers back to re-work them and address the errors.

Issues that arise with dye sublimation shirts must meet the following criteria to be eligible for refund or reprint/re-ship:

  1. A flaw must be present in the actual construction of the shirt: torn seams or frayed stitching that went unnoticed during the dye transfer process.
  2. A dye sublimation flaw that exists outside of the armpit and seaming areas that are discussed as common areas of non-transfer on the “Dye Sublimation Tees” information page.
  3. A clear error / mis-shipment that resulted in you receiving the wrong design or size.

Issues that arise with cotton tees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for refund or reprint/re-ship:

  1. Wrong size sent/received
  2. Wrong designed sent/received
  3. Graphic much too light (you will be asked to send a photo using the flash on your camera to reveal the saturation of the print).

We do not accept returns of items that did not fit since size charts are provided.

Due to previous abuse of our satisfaction guarantee and the fact that all shirts are custom made to order, we can no longer accept returns of shirts just because “you didn’t like the shirt”.

When will my shirt arrive?

From the time your shirt order is paid for, it takes about 7 to 10 days business days to arrive to you.
3 to 5 business days of that is Production Time, the remainder is USPS Transit Time. You should generally allow about 2 weeks to pass before contacting us for an update. Delays do occur, sometimes on the production end, sometimes with USPS. Please take this into consideration before sending inquiries. We only answer inquiries for orders that are older than 2 weeks. We do this to focus our efforts on creating the art for the shirts you love and the custom sneakers you admire. If we spend all our time answering every inquiry from people who fail to read, then we would have no time to create art.

I didn’t get an email receipt, Why?

Our system automatically generates a receipt and sends it to the email address you used at checkout. You either have to adjust your spam settings to receive emails from AF1King.com or go through your spam folder to locate the order receipt. If you still cannot find it please contact us so we can send the receipt again.

Will I be sent a tracking number?

Yes, of course. We recognize how important it is to be able to track the item you have been waiting for. We upload tracking numbers as soon as items hit the mail stream. We ship via USPS as a standard but sometimes use FedEx for larger shipments. Tracking numbers are submitted to PayPal who then alerts you via your PayPal email address. If you paid over the phone, a tracking number is emailed to you or texted to you.

Shirts receive tracking updates within about 1 week from the time you paid. If you contact us looking for a tracking number or status sooner than that, then you should go back and read the product page you purchased from. This website is run by 1 person, and the products on this site are designed by that same person so emailing about things already discussed on this site can result in being banned from the site and a rushed or substituted product.

Are your sneakers 100% Authentic?

Yes! I would never sell or customize fakes.

What is the status of my custom sneaker order?

Please email chef@gourmetkickz.com with your order number for an update. If your sneaker carried a wait time when you placed the order, please try not to email for a status report until that wait time has passed.

Is the shoe included in the price? Or do I have to send in my own shoe?

Most of the listing include the base shoe needed to produce the final custom piece shown. If the listing lets you select your shoe size, it includes the base shoe. To drill down to listings that allow you to send in your own kicks click the “send in your kicks for work” link in the main menu. At times this link may be deactivated due to a heavy workload in the Kitchen. Feel free to check back from time to time for an open slot.

Why are some of your sneakers so expensive, sometimes over $500?

Most of the sneakers on this site are customized works of art. These sneakers started life as a Nike manufactured shoe, then landed in my “Kitchen” where I added my own artwork and flare to, thus transforming them into GourmetKickz “food for the sole”.

Why do some listings have an illustrated shoe rather an a real shoe?

When Chef is so busy cooking orders from months past, it is very difficult to work on brand new artwork. Therefore, in order to release his ideas he launches products with illustrations. His track record for bringing illustrated concepts to life is excellent. Past shoes that started as illustrations when they were listed are: Kill Bill KD4, ParaNorman KD4, ParaNorma-Like Foamposite, King of the Galaxy LeBron 9, King of the Galaxy LeBron X, and many more. If you delay your purchase until an image of the actual shoe is available you will be disappointed since by that time the shoe is usually sold out. Therefore either trust Chef’s illustrations and track record, or be sorry.

What is process to get a custom sneaker done?

If the design you want is not already listed on the site, you must use the “1 of 1 page” to commission Chef to create something unique. Details are listed from there. Currently there is no quote system available on this website and due to the volume of orders time cannot be spent sharing ideas until you have commissioned Chef. Don’t know how much to spend? That is understandable, budget choices are therefore listed on the 1 of 1 page.

Why is the current commission fee so high?

Easy answer! Because my time is so limited and I am in such high demand and so fully booked that I am not currently able to work on smaller projects. If I am to be commissioned on a 1 of 1 piece of wearable art, I am only interested in making time for challenging works of art. Challenging works require my complete focus and time and therefore, the minimum rate is now set. If you were interested in spending less money, you should check back with me to see if things ever calm down in the Kitchen. My prediction is that it will become increasingly more difficult to commission 1 of 1 pieces from me.

I saw a custom someone else did and I want the same thing done. Can you help me?

I won’t copy, but if the theme is cool I will think about it and put my own unique spin on my own custom. However, if the custom you show me was just done, I may decline out of respect for the artist.

I just want some “dirty breds” or just the midsole painted on my kicks. Can you help me?

Sorry, unless you are willing to pay the “1 of 1” price, we won’t be able to help you here.

How durable are your custom kicks? Is there some sort of guarantee?

Wearable art has its limits, just like a piece of hanging art. My custom kicks are intended for casual wear, not rough athletic wear. With proper care custom kicks can last indefinitely. My customs use a mix of mediums, from paint to fabric to other textiles. Industrial strength materials are used as are reliable paints and clear coat finishes. Handle with care, because with some of today’s sneaker materials paint no longer soaks in as it would with leather, it adheres just like it would on a car or a sculpture. Clear coats offer durability, however scraping or rough wear will inevitably break down clear coats and compromise the art. Similarly soles that are treated to glow will wear down to the rubber if you wear them on concrete, glow is a coating not a dye. Even dyed soles will wear down eventually to reveal the original sole color, rubber is non-absorbent, it is not a sponge or a fabric, rubber is non-porous and it is tinted on the surface when dyed. not throughout like a piece of cloth being dyed.  The sides of your glowed and dyed soles will last indefinitely, and with care so will the bottoms. Keep in mind the larger of a person you are, the more care is needed when walking on concrete and rough surfaces, your soles will wear down faster due to gravity and physics. Wear with care!

Can I pay extra to speed up my custom sneaker order?

Sorry we really do not allow this.

What shipping method do you use?

USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is the standard shipping method for shirts, we require Signature Confirmation when shipping Custom Kicks. DeCreaseRs are sent with First Class Mail.
For heavier packages we may use FedEx or UPS.
For International Shipments we use USPS Priority International or USPS Express.

Why was my order refunded?

We reserve the right to refund any orders that appear to be fraudulent. If you feel we have refunded your order in error please contact us.

Will I be notified that you got the kicks I sent in?

Typically we won’t have time to email you to let you know we received your kicks. We suggest using a tracking number with signature confirmation when sending us your kicks. We operate out of a very secure business location with plenty of staff to accept your package. If the tracking shows “delivered” you can rest assured we received it. If you have any doubts feel free to email us and follow up. No harm in checking.

I was refunded and paid with a card, but I do not see my money, where is it?

Ask Paypal.

Do you have a customer service number?

Voice Calls Only