One Fly King

Wears A Crown Of Feathers

Inspired by flight and reign, reinvented for self-expression.

Neck Breakers

Guaranteed to catch attention

Stand out from the crowd Soar above the crowd.


Rare & Limited Editions

Shop vintage quickstrikes, EU exclusives, JP exclusives, hyperstrikes, and more.

Unless otherwise noted, exclusive AF1’s sold on this website are 100% deadstock. They have been under Chef’s care for as long as 15 years. Stored in a moisture-free climate controlled environment without any exposure to UV rays. (The breakdown of vintage AF1 midsoles is due to UV exposure)

Unless otherwise noted all boxes are original and completely intact. Chef’s collection is stacked in a unique fashion to prevent any single box from being crushed. Despite having seen dozens of large collections, Chef seems to be the only collector who stacks his boxes in this manner.

The Most Beautiful Design

AF1’s are the most aesthetically pleasing sneaker in the world. If you are on this website it is because you believe this as well, and you are in fact an AF1King!


It really is the little things about quickstrikes and limited editions that make AF1’s great.

Laser Etching

AF1’s with laser etching will always be special. An accenting technique that Nike seems to save for only the most special releases.