Signature “Now Serving A Mas-T-Feast” Jordan GMP 6+7 T-Shirt

Thus far you have seen several of my signature shirt series: Now Serving, Deluxe Now Serving, Now Serving A Mas-T-Piece and The Feast. Well here is the premiere shirt in my latest signature line “Now Serving a Mas-T-Feast” which is very simply a “Mas-T-Piece” Shirt with an all over print. This particular shirt is meant to hook-up to the Jordan Golden Moments Pack (GMP) which includes the Air Jordan 6 & 7. The artwork is by Mas, the concept and layout are by Chef. The all over print is a recreation of the graphic on the drawstring bags included in the GMP packaging. The result is a simple, timeless, classy shirt that screams connoisseur. This shirt is offered in an all front print only or front and back. If single sided is chosen the back is left white. If double sided is chosen, the back will feature just the flag print.