Custom Sole Swap Foamposite Gucci Package | Pine Green Gucci | Denim Gucci

Foamposite Sole Swaps and Denim Wrap Package

Chef has clearly been a mad scientist, well a mad… Chef, cooking up sheer insanity in the “kitchen”. What you see pictured is clear evidence of his culinary debauchery… a Gucci Themed, sole swapped, Foamposite Pro and Foamposite One package. WTF? Yep. So here is the recipe… A “Cough Drop” Foamposite One, a “Pine Green” Foamposite Pro, sole swap the two, then add some selvedge denim to the “Cough Drop” using a wrapping method similar to Nike’s VT application, and vuala… a dish fit for a sneaker king!

Chef will only be creating 4 of these Frankenstein-like luxury packages, and the sizes are limited. So please choose quickly and wisely. Free shipping applies to this package. Please exercise patience  as Chef  will be cooking each of these on demand. In person the packages are sure to be just as amazing as the picture you see.

Nike Foamposite Gucci Themed Package
Qty: 4 Pair Available
Price: $750 Shipped
Creation Time: Max 2 Weeks
Shipping Method: FedEx

Denim Pair

High Quality Selvedge Denim
Gucci Themed Painted Pull Tabs
Sole Swapped to Clear from Pine Greens

Pine Green Pair
Gucci Themed Painted Pull Tabs
Sole Swapped to Red from Cough Drops

A La Carte Price Breakdown:
Sole Swap $175.00
Pine Green Foamposite Pro $265
Custom Denim VT Foamposite One $400

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