Custom “MVP-Alike” LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz Revealed

Custom LeBron 9 MVP-Alike by GourmetKickz

Since Nike released the MVP Package in very limited quantities I had gotten a few special requests from clients to create something similar. What you see is the result of my sneaker cooking skills and working with the right base shoe. I selected the “Scarface” LeBron 9 as a base and went to work in my GourmetKickz Kitchen to create this “MVP-Alike”. The tongue mesh, midsole, flywire mesh, and inboard sidewalls received the most attention for this makeover. The outboard swoosh received some paint but its trim was left red for accenting. The inboard swoosh was left red to showcase how closely the red I mixed matched the original red on the base.  The result is a shoe that may not be identical to the original MVP LBJ 9 but will sure cause plenty of double takes and draw loads of attention. This custom piece is available after the jump and will include the base “Scarface”. Or you can send in your LBJ 9 “Scarface” to have this work done by clicking here (select MVP-Alike from the options) >>


Custom “MVP in South Beach” LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz – Detailed Images

Custom "MVP in South Beach" LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz

I recently posted a detailed mockup of a redone Cool Grey LeBron 9 in a mash-up custom that took cues from the LeBron 9 MVP and the classic South Beach colorway. I couldn’t resist actually cooking up a pair immediately. What you see above and after the jump is the tasty dish fully cooked and served up beach side. This selection can be pre-ordered after the jump or in the AF1King Online Shop. Allow some decent lead time for creation as this sneaker is my Summer Finale dish and I have lots to do before my summer break in August. Points to take special notice to on this shoe are the painted mesh side panels and the fade / stipple effect on the flywire. Continue reading

Custom “MVP In South Beach” Nike LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz | Season Finale

Custom Nike  LeBron 9 "MVP In South Beach" by GourmetKickz

Many of you have seen the MVP LeBron 9 which features a different color interior and exterior as well as some cool fading on the flywire. Well this custom sneaker uses that exclusive as inspiration. The colorway is derived from the popular South Beach Theme using filament green and flamingo pink for the exterior and interior panels respectively. The flywire fades from one color to the other in a Miami Night-like fashion. The insole is also customized and custom hook-up tees are available. All of this is now live in the AF1King Shop in the South Beach Diet section. Or you can cop after the jump. By the way my dearest gluttons, this launch marks the last of my custom sneakers for the remainder of the summer. I will be taking a short hiatus and returning with a vengeance come back to school and fall. In the meantime, sans new releases I will be working hard in the kitchen to fill all orders placed up to this point. Bon A Petit! and Ciao!