Custom Nike KD Inspired “Nerf” Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz Now Available

Custom Nerf Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz

So after months of letting this idea simmer on one of my many back burners, I decided to launch this idea and offer it up to the public. A dyed sole, painted sidewall orbs, painted upper and new laces easily transform this zoom rookie into a Nerf-a-like. This shoe is part of the GourmetKickz Back to School deliveries but would require pre-order for a timely late August / Early September ship date as the current (and seemingly perpetual) backlog workload is 2 to 3 months deep due to the high volume of orders and only 1 Chef. After the jump you can purchase, the price DOES INCLUDE the base Nike Zoom Rookie, however if you already own a pair of Rookies and want to send in a pair, you can pay for just the work. Simply click here to pre-pay for the work and you will be emailed a shipping label with instructions >>>

To make you feel more comfortable buying Custom Nike items from this site on mockups, I created a page that shows some comparisons of mockups vs. the actual completed shoe. Click here to see some comparisons >>>