Custom Red Suede “Raging Rookie” Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz Revealed

Custom Red Suede Raging Rookie by GourmetKickz

This piece is called the “Raging Rookie” for obvious reasons: it pulls inspiration from the Air Jordan 5 Red Suede “Raging Bulls”. The entire upper is “skinned”  by way of a unique “VT-Like” process  characteristic of many GourmetKickz foamposite customs. The  red suede used is very similar in nap and color to the original AJ5 that inspired this custom creation. The sidewall pods and tongue are painted with 3M reflective paint and without flash are matte platinum silver in color.  After the jump you can purchase a pair. If you already own a Zoom Rookie you can send in a pair for the “Raging Rookie” treatment and pay for just the artwork by clicking here >>>


Custom “Halloween 2” aka “Un-Halloween” Nike Zoom Rookie Revealed

Custom Un-Halloween Zoom Rookie

Those who have been following the progression of the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP recall that it entered the scene with a couple of great colorways. Two very memorable colors were themed for Halloween; the HOH Exclusive Black / Max-Orange release and the Luminous Pearl colorway. The above takes elements of both of those kicks and combines them in a very unique way. The base all black rookie is transforme in the following manner; the sidewall pods are painted pumpkin with creme colored glow in the dark craters while the sole, mesh and accents also glow. The result is a mean, clean, kickass custom for Halloween! Check out more images and place an order after the jump. Prices include the Black Zoom Rookie, check the “Send in Your Rookie” listing to pay for just the artwork. Orders placed before 10/10/12 are nuked in the GourmetKickz Kitchen for shipment in time for Halloween!

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Custom Halloween Themed “Rook O’Lantern” Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz

Custom Rook O'Lantern by GourmetKickz

Fall is upon us and so with the month of October comes pop-up costume shops, Halloween decorations, blow up lawn goblins, and loads of other spooky delights. In the spirit of the season I decided to cook up a dish of the pumpkin variety, in two distinct versions as shown above. The first is a very clean Pumpkin / Black – Creme colorway. A black Zoom Rookie is used as the base, the foamposite portions painted a robust pumpkin color, and sidewall pods are painted creme and treated further to glow in the dark. The second version features a Jack O’Lantern-like upgrade to the frontal area of the shoe. A creme colored angry pumpkin mouth is painted on the front and made to glow in the dark. The result is a very ominous dish indeed! See more images after the jump  and purchase your pair before the 10th to receive in time for Halloween.

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Custom “Think Pink” Nike Zoom Rookie Released by GourmetKickz

Custom Think Pink Nike Zoom Rookie

I conquered cancer over 20 years ago, and everywhere I turn I either see people battling the disease, suffering the loss of a loved one to the disease, or helping someone with the disease. Breast Cancer remains one of the leading diagnosis of cancer among women.  As a man and a cancer survivor it is mandatory that I support awareness of this disease. The artwork is simple, a shoe painted pink, the sidewall spheres are treated to reflect light, the light representing the light of hope. Let us shine a light on Breast Cancer research and support the search for a cure. I don’t care if you share this post, take the picture, instagram it, retweet it, make a facebook photo, or buy the shoe. Just do something to raise awareness. If you decide to purchase the shoe, $100 of the fee is donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation via See more pictures and purchase a pair after the jump.

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Custom Nike KD Inspired “Nerf” Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz Now Available

Custom Nerf Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz

So after months of letting this idea simmer on one of my many back burners, I decided to launch this idea and offer it up to the public. A dyed sole, painted sidewall orbs, painted upper and new laces easily transform this zoom rookie into a Nerf-a-like. This shoe is part of the GourmetKickz Back to School deliveries but would require pre-order for a timely late August / Early September ship date as the current (and seemingly perpetual) backlog workload is 2 to 3 months deep due to the high volume of orders and only 1 Chef. After the jump you can purchase, the price DOES INCLUDE the base Nike Zoom Rookie, however if you already own a pair of Rookies and want to send in a pair, you can pay for just the work. Simply click here to pre-pay for the work and you will be emailed a shipping label with instructions >>>

To make you feel more comfortable buying Custom Nike items from this site on mockups, I created a page that shows some comparisons of mockups vs. the actual completed shoe. Click here to see some comparisons >>>


Custom 112 Inspired Nike Zoom Rookie “Brooklyn Rookie” by GourmetKickz

Custom 112 Inspired Zoom Rookie "Brooklyn Rookie" by GourmetKickz

Following up my Custom LeBron 9 Foamposite themed after Clark Kent’s 112 kicks, I decided to cook up another dish, using the Zoom Rookie as a base. The result, well I am sure many will agree…. A Masterpiece! Dyed sole, painted accents, VT-like Fabric Wrapped upper with elephant print canvas, and a 3M reflective eyestay! An alternate version offers 3M plastic accents and tongue with the eyestay in black! Which one is hotter?  I think even Clark would be proud to rock these, as would any Brooklynite or fan of the 112 themed kicks worldwide! Cop a pair after the jump and check out how these will look when the cameras come flashing! Allow 5 to 8 weeks for delivery of these custom kicks, they are cooked up to order!

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Custom Camouflage Zoom Rookie VT “Armed Rookie” by GourmetKickz

Custom Camoufage Nike Zoom Rookie VT "Armed Rookie"

I couldn’t resist. I had to see what the rookies would look like with some camouflage applied to them, and vuala! MAGIC! These things are gorgeous. I leave it up to my audience to bring them to life. As soon as you pay, I will begin working on some rookies to apply my VT-Like fabric wrapping method using either traditional BDU Camouflage or Modern Digital Camoflage in addition to dying the soles. These will certainly become a staple in your late spring and summer wardrobe. Purchase now and have them in time for the height of fashion this late spring and early summer.  Please allow 5 to 8 weeks for delivery once your order has been placed. You may place your order and see an image of the Digital Camouflage version after the jump. Bon A Petit!

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