Custom Nike LeBron 9 “ParaNorman” Foamposite by GourmetKickz

Custom LeBron 9 Foamposite by GourmetKickz

I wouldn’t be a Chef if I didn’t offer items on my menu to satisfy all tastes. While this doesn’t mean I customize every shoe into a ParaNorman theme, it does mean that I will offer a multi-course meal using the hottest kicks out as the key ingredient. Above you see my take on how a ParaNorman LeBron 9 Foamposite should look. As you know by now bringing this dish to life is a easy task for me. Key features include glow in the dark zombie mist on the quarters, electric green accents, an electric green sole that glows in the dark, and plenty of other glowing accents. The packaging will be very similar to my King of the Galaxy LeBron 9 Foamposite package in that a custom box, custom insoles, and custom hang tag will be included. Check out more images after the jump and book your pair now.

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Custom “UNDFTD” Jordan Spizike by GourmetKickz | Celebrate Being Undefeated

Custom UNDFTD Nike Jordan Spizike by GourmetKickz | Celebrate Being Undefeated

With my Summer Finale shoe having been launched and already pre-selling like hotcakes, I am already Fall-minded and looking toward my new projects for Back to School. With September being the benchmark for the start of the season, one cannot ignore the significance of September 11. I decided to launch my Custom “Undefeated” Jordan Spizikes on 9/11 because in a way our nations recovery after such a devastating attack is representative of how we as a nation are quite undefeated. The custom project itself uses a base shoe from NikeID and transforms it into what you see above. There are 2 version; one which keeps the elephant print panels and has me painting them tonal olive along with the rest of the shoe and one that calls for my precise painting skills to replicate UNDFTD’s SAS Print on painted olive patent leather panels. The latter sports a translucent orange outsole and orange UNDFTD logo, while the prior sports those elements in black. There will be a total of 36 pair made, 24 pair of the less complicated elephant printed shoe, and 12 pair of the more complicated SAS Print version. All sizes are booked before construction so there will be no pairs left over. Pre-orders will be cut off on August 1st, orders will begin shipping on September 11. Enjoy!


Custom “Superman” LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz | “DunkMan of Steel” AKA “Kyrptonite vs. Superman”

Custom Superman LeBron 9 Dunkman of Steel

“This fragment of his planet will be his worst nightmare” So true about the green crystal with amazing powers and a source of weakness for the Man of Steel. And what better a shoe to represent the dichotomy of super-heroic strength and weakness than the Dunkman LeBron 9? The sole is dipped and dyed to glow in the dark as is the entire sidewall of Kryptonite! The remainder of the shoe is completely reworked from flywire mesh to hyperfuse to midsole and swoosh. If you wish to get an idea as to how my mockups compare to the actual finished product so you can purchase with confidence, head over to this page >> Enjoy this main course and break neck as easily as Superman would. Cop after the jump or head on over to the AF1King Shop and see what other taster morsels you wish to feast on. Bon A Petit! Continue reading

Custom LeBron 9 “Joker” by GourmetKickz | “Got Jokes Man?” AKA “JokerMans”

Custom LeBron 9 Joker by GourmetKickz Jokermans

Why So Serious? Well maybe you need some Jokes Man! Get them in the form of these “JokerMan” Custom LeBron 9’s by your truly, Chef of GourmetKickz. Some may snicker and sneer at this shoe, but that’s the point isn’t it? And in all honesty, who didn’t have something slick to say at the site of the rather unusual Joker? That bright green hair, that purple jacket, the green waistcoat, fancy braces, amazing hex pattern shirt, Ferragamo shoes… what a dresser! So maybe you can’t pull off the same look, but surely you can pallet a dish that is concocted of all the aforementioned ingredients! The final dish is pictured and cooked extra well done if I don’t say so myself. Have a healthy helping and rejoice in these kicks as the jolly Joker would. Break necks while doing so, figuratively of course, let’s not immerse too deep into the brutal bozo of bedlam.  Cop a pair after the jump or head on over to the AF1King Shop to see this new custom on the chopping block and many more.

Custom Sole Swap Foamposite Gucci Package | Pine Green Gucci | Denim Gucci

Foamposite Sole Swaps and Denim Wrap Package

Chef has clearly been a mad scientist, well a mad… Chef, cooking up sheer insanity in the “kitchen”. What you see pictured is clear evidence of his culinary debauchery… a Gucci Themed, sole swapped, Foamposite Pro and Foamposite One package. WTF? Yep. So here is the recipe… A “Cough Drop” Foamposite One, a “Pine Green” Foamposite Pro, sole swap the two, then add some selvedge denim to the “Cough Drop” using a wrapping method similar to Nike’s VT application, and vuala… a dish fit for a sneaker king!

Chef will only be creating 4 of these Frankenstein-like luxury packages, and the sizes are limited. So please choose quickly and wisely. Free shipping applies to this package. Please exercise patience  as Chef  will be cooking each of these on demand. In person the packages are sure to be just as amazing as the picture you see.

Nike Foamposite Gucci Themed Package
Qty: 4 Pair Available
Price: $750 Shipped
Creation Time: Max 2 Weeks
Shipping Method: FedEx

Denim Pair

High Quality Selvedge Denim
Gucci Themed Painted Pull Tabs
Sole Swapped to Clear from Pine Greens

Pine Green Pair
Gucci Themed Painted Pull Tabs
Sole Swapped to Red from Cough Drops

A La Carte Price Breakdown:
Sole Swap $175.00
Pine Green Foamposite Pro $265
Custom Denim VT Foamposite One $400

Purchase After the Jump or Click here

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Custom “Gucci” Foams | Hand Painted Foamposite Ones by GourmetKickz

Hand Painted Foamposite Ones by GourmetKickz | Gucci Foams

Chef of GourmetKickz is at it again with his color-matching mastery. In this instance Chef has chosen the “cough drop” Foamposite One to create the above pictured “Gucci” Foams. The shoe color was derived from other Gucci inspired Nike releases and uses the same exact green present on these limited editions. Chef has produced a small run of these custom foams and is currently selling them for $400. The customs kicks also include hand painted pull tags to mimic the Gucci stripes. There is also talk of a limited box and snap-back package to be released.


South Beach Mania! Custom Foamposites and Air Force Ones

Custom South Beach Foamposite Paint Job

This new venture into different canvases has  proven fruitful for “Chef” as orders are already pouring in for the above pictured Custom South Beach Foamposite. Chef only requires that you send him a pair of either the Slime Greens or Pearls to get the job started. At a fee of $200, you get back an expertly designed pair of exact color-matched foams. You can contract the job here and view more pics.


Custom “Low End Theory” Nike Air Force 1 by GourmetKickz

Custom Nike Air Force One Low End Theory by GourmetKickz

This custom Nike Air Force One Low End Theory piece was done back in 2009 during a 1 on 1 design session. The idea came about from the then current release of the AJ1 ATCQ‘s. The result is the custom Nike AF1 you see here. A great combination of the Low End Theory Album cover art and great technical work by yours truly, Chef of GourmetKickz. I used a “seamless frontal” fabric application to properly lay out as much of the Low End Theory design as possible. This custom sneaker also features an amazing vibrant yellow on the swooshes. This yellow is very stand out and is a trademark color of mine, having been custom mixed. If you are a sneaker artist by the way, you can actually purchase this pre-mixed color from my other website. Enjoy these custom kicks as they are definitely one of my favorites. Also make note of the custom tongue tag after the jump and don’t be afraid to cop a pair for yourself.