Custom “Luminous Galaxy” Foamposite One by GourmetKickz

Custom Luminous Galaxy Foamposite One by GourmetKickz

As a follow up the my previously released “Foampollo One” this customized Royal Blue Foamposite One utilizes an almost over-used galaxy theme. With the upcoming release of the Galaxy Zoom Rookie I don’t see the galaxy theme going anywhere anytime soon, so why not “kick it up a notch” in true Chef fashion? So what more can be done to a galaxy foamposite that has not been done before? Well make the whole thing glow of course! The entire upper of this custom masterpiece glows, as opposed to the soles which many artists have illuminated in various ways. The glow in the dark treatment adds great depth to the galaxy print, shining brighter in areas where corresponding brighter colors appear on the print, and showing up cloudier where darker hues prevail. The stars are accented to glow the brightest making the night view of this shoe mimic a stellar scenery indeed. You can purchase a pair after the jump and earn yourself a 1 on 1 consultation with Chef to discuss exactly what galaxy or nebula print you wish to use. With a huge repository of galaxy and nebula images at his disposal Chef is sure to keep each and every order a 1 of 1.

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Custom “Foampollo One” Glowing Foamposite by GourmetKickz

Custom Foampollo One Moon Themed Foamposite by GourmetKickz

With my love of the sea and being drawn to the coast this summer it is very difficult to ignore the tides and of course the moon which controls them. This shoe is an homage to the mystical moon which can be held responsible for all things mystic and physic. The moon’s surface is represented with a pattern applied using my a VT-like process I pioneered. The “skin” is very durable and can withstand daily wear. The shoe is then made to glow on the outboard side and reflect light on the inboard side. These contrasts bring the surface of the moon print to life and truly embody the theme. Watch as the cratered surface comes to life once darkness falls, revealing every nuance and detail. Then when flashed by the sun or artificial light, the surface reflects with great vibrancy. Check out more images after the jump or look at the high resolution image gallery. You can also purchase after the jump or in the AF1King Shop.

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Custom 112 Inspired Foamposite One and Pro by GourmetKickz “Elephoams”

Custom 112 Foamposite One by GourmetKickz "Elephoam"

As a sort of finale to my run on 112 inspired customs I could not help be work up a Custom 112 Inspired Foamposite One and Pro. Above is the Foamposite One which will be fabric wrapped in VT-like fashion with elephant printed canvas. The soles are dyed in a bright neon yellow green similar to the 112 shoes. And the accents are treated with 3M reflective to completely embody all constants from the 112 sneakers put out by DJ Clark Kent. Check out more images after the jump and cop a pair in advance or wait until actual images are available, but by that time I will more than likely be on to my next series of customs and have had my full of 112 dishes.  For a better idea of how well I create from mockups, head on over to my comparison page and see some recent mockup images vs. their corresponding actual product images. Bon A Petit! and oh…. GO BROOKLYN! Continue reading