Create Your Own “What the LeBron 9” with Chef of GourmetKickz

Create Your Own What The LeBron 9 Custom by GourmetKickz

Since Nike has decided to let the “What The LeBron 9” remain on the design table as a scrapped sample, I decided to allow my clients the chance to customize their own LeBron 9 “What The LeBron”. What you see above is just a mockup of what the actual sample might look light. Very similar except for the solid white midsole and laces. Clearly I had to guess at the rear of the shoe too, but I think you get the point. Now how about your turn to create your own “What The LeBron” composed of your favorite LeBron 9s? Commission me for this job by purchasing here or after the jump and we will engage in an intense design session where we work together to select the best base shoe and overall design for the left and right shoes. After we discuss the design, I will create a mockup rendering for the pair and upon your approval begin designing. You can even choose to send in your own kicks to save a little money. I look forward to creating some crazy customs, so lets get to cooking!

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