Custom “Think Pink” Nike Zoom Rookie Released by GourmetKickz

Custom Think Pink Nike Zoom Rookie

I conquered cancer over 20 years ago, and everywhere I turn I either see people battling the disease, suffering the loss of a loved one to the disease, or helping someone with the disease. Breast Cancer remains one of the leading diagnosis of cancer among women.  As a man and a cancer survivor it is mandatory that I support awareness of this disease. The artwork is simple, a shoe painted pink, the sidewall spheres are treated to reflect light, the light representing the light of hope. Let us shine a light on Breast Cancer research and support the search for a cure. I don’t care if you share this post, take the picture, instagram it, retweet it, make a facebook photo, or buy the shoe. Just do something to raise awareness. If you decide to purchase the shoe, $100 of the fee is donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation via See more pictures and purchase a pair after the jump.

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