Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Scorpion II | 318985-221

Nike Air Force 1World Scorpion II | Yi Jian Lian | 318985-221

Unbeknown to many is the existence of the Yi JianLian AF1 1Worlds. There were actually 2 pair of “Scorpion AF1″ that were designed by the 7 foot Nets star. What you see here is the second pair which were never featured on the Nike 1World website, and never available for retail. I however, was able to score just a few pair from the 1 and only source who touched these stateside.

The most unique feature of these AF1’s is that they feature elements from both the HTM series and the Lux series of Air Forces. The Scorpion II’s pull the leather croc print from the HTM’s and use the woven element of the Lux series with a bit of a twist; the woven portion is suede instead of leather!

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Nike Air Force One Premium Snakeskin 05′ | 312945-011

Nike Air Force One Premium Snakeskin 05' | 312945-011

If you have been on the net searching for a pair of these exclusive Nike Air Force One Premium Snakeskins from 2005 and wondered why you cannot find a good size anywhere…. Well the answer is that I have been keeping a large number of them deadstocked for over 5 years! Here is your chance to own a pair of these insane AF1 Lows. They are part of a very rare class of Nike Air Forces to have been adorned with snakeskin. This pair is particularly special as it uses both nubuck and snakeskin for the outer construction. These exclusive kicks were released as quickstrikes to urban Nike accounts and sold out very quickly. You can purchase them now at long last after the jump or by clicking the picture above.