Sole Swaps

Sole swapping is a process that requires 2 pair of sneakers: a donor pair with brand new soles and the pair being restored. Only 1 pair will remain after this process is complete as the donor pair will be without a sole, the upper in this case is either discarded or re-purposed. The number one misconception about sole swaps is that clients can just send in their old pair and a customizer /  restorer can just order a new sole for that sneaker and replace it. There are currently no manufacturers that sell new Nike or other sneaker brand soles. There may be some shoemakers who mold their own Nike soles or other sneaker brand soles, but by definition these soles are counterfeit as they are not manufactured by the actual sneaker brand.

Currently at GourmetKickz sole-swaps are not offered. They were offered in the past but due to the lack of educated clients who were prepared with 2 pairs of sneakers to send in, this service has been terminated.