Premium Star Wars Helmet | Gold Leaf 8″

Chef is a HUGE Star Wars fan, so it only made sense that his Fine Art offerings include some custom Star Wars Storm Trooper helmets. This helmet is hand leafed in Gold Foil. It took hours and hours of coating the surface of the helmet with sizing and carefully laying down thin sheets of gold leaf. This process was repeated over and over until all the nooks and crannies of the helmet were completely covered and the gold was dusted down to an even surface. The helmet was them clear coated to protect the delicate leafing. This was one of the most time consuming pieces to bring to life.

The helmet is very striking and measures about 8" wide and 8" high.

By default this helmet is offered without the stand. The helmets are filled and rendered solid. They weigh about 3 pounds without the base. This piece was the most time consuming out of all the helmets in this series.

With the stand the artwork stands about 16" tall. The total weight is about 10 pounds. The mount is a threaded iron bolt with lock nuts securing it to the base and helmet. The "Emperial" logo at the bottom of the bolt matches the helmet.

Please select shipping: Domestic (FREE) or International ($50). Please then select whether you would like a stand or not. Without the stand this artwork sits nicely on a desk or table.

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Price: from $400.00

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