White Fly-Strap™ Kit | White Floccasin™

Turn your AF1 Highs into a pair of Floccasins™!

This is the first of many custom kits to be sold on this site. This customizable and removable system is currently patent pending with many other styles on the way (which are also filed in the above mentioned patent). This is the pilot design and is hand crafted by Chef Spar, the "TasteMaker" of GourmetKickz® "Food For The Sole". This premier style is called the Fly-Strap™.

The feathers are paired together so they each face forward and looped by hand using albino lizard sinew. This loop allows you to string the feathers any way you like.

You can be creative and string the feathers on in any way you like. The colorway if this kit will work with any white, off white, tan, net, rope, or gum colored kicks. Be creative, you do not have to attach these to all whites. The images shown are just a suggestion, so use your imagination.

A total of 16 pairs of feathers are included, that is 32 feathers in all! The price includes JUST the kit, AF1 not included.

Choose your strap style:
Slip On Strap (slips over your existing AF1 Strap)
Replacement Strap (replaces your exisiting AF1 Strap )

Patent Pending: Removable & Customizable Shoe Decoration System (Protected by Federal Patent Law / First To File)
A patent  search was done prior to filing, it is the firm belief of the Inventor Brian "Chef" Spar that a Patent WILL be granted.
Entities who copy willfully with notice of the above described application will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law once he patent is granted. Damages will be retroactive starting on the date of notice.
Please Select Your Size And Quantity

Price: $175.00

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