Custom Nike LeBron 9 “MVP In South Beach” by GourmetKickz

Many of you might have seen the exclusive colorway Nike produced for their "Employee of the Year" AKA MVP LeBron James, the MVP LBJ 9 featuring navy blue outboard fiber and red inboard fiber, with the flywire fading from one color to the other. Well this "MVP in South Beach" is inspired by this latest exclusive colorway as well as by the recent "South Beach" LeBron 9 Elite aka "Miami Vice" P.S. 9.

The base shoe is the cool grey LBJ9, the outboard sidewall is aqua, the inboard sidewalls are flamingo pink. The flywire mesh is faded from one color to the other. The midsole is speckled with white paint flecks, and the tabs are pink. Even the insoles are customized. There is also a matching "Now Serving" T-shirt available to complete the dish! Bon A Petit!

Price: $0.00

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