Custom Nike LeBron 9 Galaxy Foamposite Custom “King of the Galaxy” by GourmetKickz

Since the world wants Galaxy Print, why not give it to them? The whole sneakersphere is going mad for the soon to be launched Galaxy Foamposite One, so how about a great alternative. In fact, why not proclaim the King of the Galaxy on a the King's signature shoe? The base is of course the newly launched LeBron 9 Foamposite from NikeID. The added options are cooked up by yours truly. This is a truly unique twist to the LBJ9 and a great option for those who will not be able to grab Galaxy Foamposite Ones. There are a few options to help you make this already limited custom shoe a true 1 of a kind. 24 pair will be made. So hurry and pre-order yours now before the wormhole that gave birth to these galactic masterpieces closes and leaves your forever in stardust.

There are also plenty of glow in the dark options to make these space age masterpieces stand out even further from the mere earthlings who decided to cop a shoe that hundreds of people will have.

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