Custom LeBron X (10) Zen Air Yeezy Inspired |”The MasToChef Homme Project”

This is the first shoe in the exciting "MasToChef Homme Project", a collaboration between graphic artist Mas and Chef of GourmetKickz. The base shoe is a LeBron X+ enabled, which is then transformed in the GourmetKickz Kitchen to resemble the Zen Air Yeezy. The upper is redone in 2 tones of grey, the midsole is changed to a Y-printed charcoal grey, the sidewalls of the shoe are skinned with Y-print in Chef's unique VT-like process, the swoosh and outsole are made to glow, and the lace-lock is repainted.

This package also includes some limited edition goodies, all designed by Mas (creative director of KithNYC and designer of the Asics "Salmon Toe" & "Leatherback" wooden shoeboxes). Here is the list of goodies:

  • Custom Box with numbered tag
  • Limited Edition Shirt (you will be emailed for your size after payment)
  • Custom Hang Tag with numbering
  • Custom Insoles
  • Custom description / back-story card

This package is limited and subject to removal at any point without advance notice.

All sales are final for this custom product. No refunds or order cancellations. Wait times are shown next to shoe size selection. No rushing. No excessive order inquiries. Your patience and discretion are appreciated.

Price: $550.00

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