Custom Freegums Inside-Out LeBron 9 by GourmetKickz

The Freegums LeBron 9 is a great shoe, and exterior of the shoe is a bit of a sleeper. The fabulous artwork that adorns the interior of the shoe can be detected on the exterior by the discerning eye, as it is embossed onto the shoe. However, the casual onlooker who may not know their LeBron 9 taxonomy could possibly confuse these for the much less limited "Scarface" LeBron 9. In an effort to try something a little different and differentiate this shoe from its scarred cousin a bit more, Chef decided to bring the inside out. Printed fabric is affixed to the weaved panels of the shoe, with some red accents added as well as some stippling to the midsoles. This shoe untouched is a nice looking shoe, but after Chef's spices are added, it just POPS!

There is a new feature available for this custom! Glow In The Dark sidewall and lining! This add-on automatically comes with glow in the dark laces.

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Price: $450.00

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