Custom “305” | “Miami Beach” LeBron XI (11) by GourmetKickz

With the launch of the LeBron XI on NikeID comes the opportunity for me to run back some classic designs I featured on the LeBron X. This custom is an extension of my very popular "305" series. It will surely contain many sea-inspired elements not accurately depicted in this sketch and should be nothing short of amazing.

The mockup sketch shown is just a hint of what will be featured on the final actual piece of wearable art. Finer details will be revealed when these kicks are actually brought to life in the Kitchen. You can order now and wait, keeping faith in my design abilities. Or you can wait until actual images surface and try to order then, in the past my art is usually sold out by then. Your choice, but good luck.

All sales are final. You are purchasing wearable art, not a common product. Therefore it is hand crafted by 1 artist. Please do not ask for status updates, when the shoe is done it will ship. Wait times are best guess estimates. No refunds or order cancellations. Rushes, rude emails, and excessive queries will result in order cancellation: you will be sent ready to ship product of equal or greater value in the case of a Kitchen cancellation.

Price: $800.00

This product has sold out.