Fine Art Pieces by Chef of GourmetKickz

Sometimes Chef’s artwork on sneakers transcends just wearable art, and the piece itself becomes more of a statement than other works in Chef’s portfolio. To identify these pieces and properly catalog them amongst GourmetKickz works, a new category has been launched: the Museum Pieces. These pieces are pure artwork and by definition shall all be 1 of 1 constructions. These masterpieces are meant for true aficionados who wish to own a piece of artwork that embodies Chef’s deepest passions. These pieces are for sale by inquiry only. Please use the form below to inquire. First a little background behind the first Museum offering.

The Hidden TreasureFoamposite Fine Art Piece in Progress

Below you will find a teaser image of the first Museum Piece from GourmetKickz. It is inspired by The “Golden Child” Egg by Chef’s friend Jon Koon which was included in Faberge’s Big Egg Hunt in NYC recently. Chef’s “Hidden Treasure” is further inspired by the work of Soeul based artist Yee Soo-Kyung. Below are images of these inspirations and a teaser shot of “Hidden Treasure” respectively.

See The Inspirations

jon-koon-faberge-egg[1] 20110201015459_yee_sookyung_vase_2[1]

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