Terms and Conditions

  1. All Sneaker Sales Are FINAL. Please know your shoe size when you order.
  2. All items are custom made to order, therefore wait times apply to nearly everything listed on this site. Similarly this is also why All Sales Are FINAL; they are made JUST FOR YOU.
  3. Shirts take about 7 to 10 days to arrive to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your shirt order before inquiring.
  4. Custom sneaker wait times are highly unpredictable as Art is hard to predict and GourmetKickz has only 1 Chef. Wait times can be as long as 1 year or even longer for complicated custom sneaker packages.
  5. Rushing and nagging is not tolerated here. If you push for completion in a manner that is either rude or too demanding, your order may be converted to a shop credit which may only be used for DeCreaseRs or Apparel.
  6. Before inquiring about an order please review the page you ordered your item from and look over what you originally agreed to. Usually this will answer your question.
  7. If you cannot locate your answer and even the FAQ page does not answer your question, please send  an email with as much order information as possible.
  8. Custom sneakers are inherently novelty items and should be treated with care. Since they are treated with paint, they should be taken care of and protected at all costs from extreme conditions.
  9. Custom Foamposite Paint Jobs are for novelty use only and carry no guarantee.
  10. Custom Fabric Wrapped Foamposites carry a limited guarantee. They are extremely durable and will survive a high degree of wear and extreme conditions, however in rare cases fabric may separate from the base shoe. In these rare cases please contact Chef by email or phone.
  11. Items listed as pre-order are listed with an expected ship date and are also non-refundable.
  12. AF1King tries its very best to provide the exact size ordered. In some rare cases, if your size is not available (normally due to limited availability of smaller and larger half-sizing) you will be provided with the next half size up. For example, due to the limited availability of 7.5 and 11.5, if you order these sizes, by agreeing to our terms you agree to receive a size 8 or 12 respectively since these smaller and larger half sizes are rare within a size run.
  13. Dye sublimation is a newer technology with applications that are near limitless. However there is a tolerance for print imperfections as seams and armpits of garments do not always lay flat to accept dye while being pressed.
  14. As a newer technology it is not an exact science. Prints are generated in large sheets and laid over a blank t-shirt flat on a press. Double sided shirts go through this process once on each side. Therefore some limitations occur:
    1. The print may not transfer to areas of the shirt that are naturally folded or creased, such as the very edges of the shirt, collar creases, and armpits.
    2. The color results may vary slightly from the graphic image shown, color translation onto the print and ink feeds may vary during the print process, so there is some level of tolerance or error that is allowed.
    3. Graphics may not align perfectly on the sides of the shirt to meet the graphic on the flip side. My printing team does their best to align graphics.
    4. There are NO REFUNDS and NO CANCELLATIONS on any T-Shirt orders. If a claim is filed your order will be converted to DeCreaseRs only. You will receive a quantity of DeCreaseRs whose value is at least that of your original order.
  15. Claiming to have not read the terms of agreement is not excuse for return. You muse click \”AGREE\” before checking out on this site, therefore we assume you read this agreement in full.
  16. By agreeing to these terms of service you are legally bound to complete your order and are:
    1. Prohibited from cancelling via credit card provider, as they will be provided with a copy of these terms and agreements as verification that you were notified of a delay in ship time for all custom and pre-order items.
    2. Prohibited from cancelling via email or phone.
    3. Prohibited from cancelling via paypal. The GourmetKickz paypal reputation is very high and PayPal is very aware of the nature of our products, therefore they will take into account the custom order nature of each order.
    4. Thank you for shopping af1king.com, a GourmetKickz website.