GourmetKickz X MAS Collaboration Series

GourmetKickz x MAS Collaboration Series

When two artists have a mutual respect for one another great things are sure to emerge from even a brief moment of contact. Such was the case when I recently commissioned a piece from the artist known as “MAS”. His art, work ethic, style, and love for the sneaker culture represent the perfect list of ingredients to add to the GourmetKickz pot of offerings. From this stew my audience will surely come to embrace and support MAS’ artwork as it both extends current projects and offers a platform to introduce new products on af1king.com. Since you already know quite a bit about me, it’s time you learn about MAS.

Some words from “MAS”…..
MAS is not just just the initials its also the motivation. Mas in Spanish is translated to mean “more”. So having the name Mark A Stewart, Jr is a constant and embedded reminder that I must keep on creating more work that is better than its predecessor. This motivation has gotten me quite far in a short amount of time in my 22 years. I am now the Head Graphic Designer at Ronnie Fieg’s KITH NYC, followed and blogged about for my artwork on multiple social media outlets, working with different brands and companies on all types of projects, and still find time to create my own work and run my handmade hat company, DVOWR. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have my foot in the door of another project constantly while working on others. At times it can get hectic, but like they say “more is better“… MAS is better.

About the collaboration…
The first launch in this collaboration between GourmetKickz and MAS consists of a T-Shirt series named “Now Serving a MAS-T-Piece”. This series is an extension of my “Now Serving” line which recently saw the addition of a Deluxe series. Well as MAS would say, MORE IS BETTER! And what could be better than a “Deluxe Now Serving” series of shirts? Well only a MASterpiece or as I like to refer to it a “MAS-T-Piece”. Within this series you will find some of your favorite exclusive kicks mounted atop my traditional Chef’s hand and tray, this time represented in Mas’ interpretation. You will also find some of my own personal favorite and most popular custom GourmetKickz on these exclusive shirts. Soon to come you will be able to find other goodies that will be launched as part of this unique collaboration

Find MAS Online…

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