Chef Hurls 2 Pair of Custom Flowerbomb AF1’s Across The Pond

As if awoken by the smell of raw meat, Chef has taken to the kitchen to cook up some beef for some newbies across the pond. The Firebomb AF1 is a great name! But, a great custom sneaker is more than just a name. Chef did not approve of how a patch was simply slapped on an AF1 so he took to the kitchen and cooked up pure fire. Employing a theme that is cheeky answer back at the patch-happy brits, Chef referenced one of their very own by utilizing Banksy’s “Flower Bomber” on the heel of his custom Air Force Ones. The bomber appears to hurl his bouquet toward the front of the sneaker, where the bouquet detonates and spreads flowery delight across the remainder of the shoe.

No word on how many pair Chef will release, but seeing as how the Kitchen has been freshly renovated, we can expect generous numbers at a modest price to ensure the GourmetKickz brand’s tasty goodness can feed enough hungry sneaker heads. Each pair will come with a custom insole, hang tag, and custom sneaker box!

See below the Low and Hi version of GourmetKickz “Flowerbomb” Air Force Ones. Click each image for their respective purchase pages. Be sure to select your location for proper shipping calculations.