Custom Jordan 6 “Big Ragu” aka “Carmine Raguso” by GourmetKickz

Custom Big Ragu Jordan 6 Carmine by GourmetKickz

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s remembers “Laverne & Shirley” and therefore remember the charismatic and talented Italian American Broadway-bound balladeer “Carmine Raguso” aka “The Big Ragu”. That description alone, sans any knowledge of the a fore mentioned TV Sitcom should already paint a vivid picture of the inspiration behind these custom Jays. The image shown is of course an illustrated rendering of Chef’s vision. Bringing this shoe to life is as easy as firing up the oven for Chef, so cast no doubts on how the final cooked version will look. The gold panels will be gold leafing, and the remainder of the shoe will be painted with Angelus acrylics of course, and a custom box will be included. You need to provide your own Carmine Jordan 6, preferably deadstock,  so feel free to place an order for this work after the jump.

A message from Chef:

“Dear shark biters, while it is my pleasure to have been feeding you for over a decade, please do not view my return to sale-by-mockup as an opportunity to copy my concepts and ideas, as many of you have done in the past. Futhermore I feel it is only fair to mention that the above render is in fact the Intellectual Property of GourmetKickz. Some of you copy cat mindless zombies have seen fit in the past to feed off the fruit of my brain by literally copying and pasting my images as your own, in an effort to use my illustrations as your selling tools. Well that type of use actually constitutes copyright infringement. The only authorized use of the above and below illustrations is for journalistic purposes or partnered promotion. Any other use of the above or below images are an infringement on my IP and shall be dealt with. So in short, keep your work original, don’t copy, give credit, and in doing so you will in fact be a true artist. One final thought, taking one of my concepts, no matter how old, and copying it so as to represent it as your own idea is still copying. Copying has no expiration date, so eat not of that fruit unless you wish to be forever tainted.

Best Regards,