Custom “International Buffet” Foamposite One Pack by GourmetKickz

International Buffet of Foamposites by GourmetKickz

The “International Buffet” is a concept that Chef has had brewing for some time, but has just now been able to assign a proper base shoe. With the launch of his custom Air Jordan 6 series of the same name, it made eminent sense for Chef to cook these foams up in a similar fashion. The series of listings after the jump will allow you browse the entire “International Buffet” launch.

Don’t worry about the listing images being illustration / renders for now, as they are placeholders until these actual pieces are cooked into reality. You can read more about Chef’s method of listing work via illustration/render on the FAQ page.

The customs you see here each represent a country or terrirtory or ethnicity and each have a “cousin” in a custom foamposite also listed on this site and shown after the jump. The countries currently available are: USA, Italy, Panama, Japan, UK, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, African American.