Custom “International Buffet” Air Jordan 6 Pack by GourmetKickz

Air Jordan 6 International Buffet by GourmetKickz

The “International Buffet” is a concept that Chef has had brewing for some time, but has just now been able to assign a proper base shoe. With the abundance of Air Jordan 6 “Carmines” now on the market, all of the above customs have been mapped out on this very base shoe. The series of listings after the jump will allow you to send in your own “Carmine” for the customization of your choice.

Don’t worry about the listing images being illustration / renders for now, as they are placeholders until these actual pieces are cooked into reality. You can read more about Chef’s method of listing work via illustration/render on the FAQ page.

The customs you see here each represent a country or terrirtory or ethnicity and each have a “cousin” in a custom foamposite also listed on this site and shown after the jump. The countries currently available are: USA, Italy, Panama, Japan, UK, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, African American.