Custom “Carmine” Foamposite Penny + Jordan 6 by GourmetKickz

Custom Carmine Foamposite by GourmetKickz

Taking colorways from classic Nike’s and transplanting them onto other shoes is no new thing in custom sneakers, in fact that concept lies at the heart of the craft. As such is can get tiresome and repetitive. However, enter Chef of GourmetKickz who seems to consistently be able to transplant colorways in a manner that addresses the very DNA of both the donor shoe and receiving shoe. What you see here is the first step what will surely be a new movement from GourmetKickz in the way of custom foamposites. In fact Chef predicts this is “The Future of the Foamposite”. The above highly detailed render is a new addition to the arsenal of tools in the GourmetKickz Kitchen to assist in the GourmetKickz mass launch of “Penny +” releases. The + refers to the addition of other classic to the DNA of the Foamposite, a splicing of sorts.

The concept here is simple, use a colorblocking method often overlooked to achieve a true color flip that complements the donor shoe rather than hides it. Penny Hardaway himself led the way in exposing this color-block method when he taped up the ridges of his royals in black to avoid NBA color violation fines. Since then Nike has never nodded to that accidental design genius, but Chef surely has… with the release of his “Freddy Foamposite”. In the above scenario the ridges are simply left white while the elevated areas of the upper are painted in Carmine red. Though the picture is a high quality render created by Chef himself, the shoes are available for order.

The listing by mockup method is one that is necessary in this case if Chef hopes to beat the Shark Biters nipping at the meals of GourmetKickz to the punch in launching colorways that the above now gives light to. So in case the sharks are not out swimming and enjoying this Memorial Weekend, but rather sitting at the edge of Chef’s table waiting to feast on scraps, remember you saw this concept and step toward a new movment in Foamposites here first, from Chef of GourmetKickz. By the way, book your pair of these now after the jump!