The MasToChef Homme Project Defined and Revealed

Custom LeBron X Zen Yeezy Inspired

“Homme” meaning man in French, and Man being represented by the XY Chromosomes, X representing the LeBron X, Y represening the Air Yeezy, the french term Homme being selected due to Kanye West’s connection with French Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton. See what just happened right there? It gets better! “MasToChef” represents the collaboration of graphic artist (and Creative Director of Ronnie Fieg’s KithNYC, designer of the Asics “Salmon Toe” & “Leatherback” wooden laser etched boxes) Mas and Chef of GourmetKickz. Mas creates the designs in this project and passes them To Chef for creation in the GourmetKickz Kitchen. MasToChef also sounds like MasterChef, no coincidence there either as these dishes are certainly of MasterChef Calibre.

After the jump purchase the first shoe to launch in the series and see images.

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