Introducing the Cooked Shoose Line of Tees | “Bird of Ye”

Grey Bird of Ye Cooked Shoose Shirt

The Cooked Shoose line of shirts is clearly a play on the term “cooked goose” and therefore features some birld-like designs. The goal is to accomplish a feathered look using the shoes the shirt hooks up to. In this case the grey Yeezy II is used, thus earning the shirt the nickname of “Brid of Ye” (short for Kanye duhhh and a play on “bird of prey”). The nickname also describes the exclusivity of the shirt proclaiming one’s flyness and position of dominance in the fashion food chain. Be an apex predator wearing this premium all over printed shirt. It is a spun polyester American Apparel tee and is made to order. You will not find this anywhere else but here on AF1King (unless someone bites hard) and after the jump it can be yours.[wpsc_products product_id=’1842′]