Introducing New “The Feast” T-Shirts by GourmetKickz

The Feast Shirts Introduction by GourmetKickz

With my growing line of custom sneakers and flourishing line of custom and limited shirts, it was only natural that I push the envelope to extend some of my sneaker designs and smaller scale shirt designs to larger formats. “The Feast” line of shirts feature an all over print, front and back, and use a spun polyester shirt by American Apparel. This is a premium shirt that carries a premium price. Each shirt is made to order the graphics are astonishing. Among this first run is an amazing Polo-ist shirt that showcases my love for RL and displays my collection of rare RL tags. Also among this first launch is a black version of the “$90,000” shirt released by another designer a short time ago. The shirt is obviously directly influenced by the grey version, yet features the black and solar red Air Yeezy 2. The printing method and shirt are exactly the same as the $90,000 shirt. Lastly is my “Moonpie” shirt, a clear hookup to my Custom Foampollo One.

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The Feast of Polo aka "Polo-ist" Shirt

The Feast of Yeezy II's

The Feast of Moonpies