Custom “Orion Nebula” Galaxy Foamposite One by GourmetKickz

Custom "Orion Nebula" Foamposite One

What you see above is a mock-up of a custom Nike Foamposite. Chef has been customizing foamposites for some time now and immediately implemented his “fabric wrapping” technique to apply new patterns and textures to the foamposite. It should be no surprise then that he has used his method of fabric printing to create his own version of the Galaxy Foamposite One NRG. Chef has used a hi-resolution image of the Orion Nebula taken from the Hubble telescope. The image is printed on high quality cloth and sealed with wax, this process is known as wax-cloth or oilcloth, a high end luxury treatment. Random stars on the print will also glow!

There are some limitation to a few of the base foamposites so please keep them in mind when ordering. For those who have never shopped my customs the images you see are mock-ups. My final designs are always very close to if not mirror images of my mock-ups. I have 10+ years experience in customizing shoes and am very well known for my ability to create perfect replicas of my mockups. All of my customs carry a warranty on quality and normal wear and tear. I do not anticipate there being any need to have these kicks touched up. They are finished with wax and will have a great glossy sheen to them, they will be water and weather resistant. No special care is needed.

This custom sneaker will take 4 to 6 weeks for creation and delivery.

Here is a brief description of the process:

  1. select your base foamposite it will be included in your purchase, keep in mind the accent stitching colors associated with each base shoe (pull tabs, tongue/sockliner, and accent swooshes).
  2. select your desired sole color or select glow in the dark (glow in the dark appears very very light green in daylight). Glow in the dark is only available on base foams that are clear. Accents are automatically painted Glow in the Dark when soles are dyed to Glow.
  3. Finally select the type of galaxy print you would like (using the images in the gallery as a guide).
  4. You can send in your own foamposite, make sure it is Foamposite One. Fake shoes will be destroyed and your payment will be refunded. Cough Drops cannot be dyed to glow, they cannot be dyed aqua, and they cannot be dyed magenta.

Packaging will include a custom box and a letter of launch readiness! Custom galaxy pattern insoles are included with the shoes.

This is not a listing for the Nike released Galaxy Foamposite One NRG, this is a custom shoe!

Once again the price includes the base foamposite of your choice: I purchase it BRAND NEW and customize it. If for some reason the size/foamposite combination you choose cannot be found, I will email you with options. You must select “use my foamposite one” to pay for just the labor. If you choose to send in your own foam, you will be emailed a pre-paid label with shipping instructions within 48 hours.