Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke For Reggie Holloway

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke for Reggie Holloway

As many of you know, the sneaker culture recently suffered a great loss. Reggie Holloway, a well known collector and member of several online sneaker forums died on March 17, 2010 from complications due to the H1N1 virus. A loss of this nature has not been felt since the untimely death of s0lerebel aka Allon Iny. Reggie died at the age of 20, but not before amassing an impressive collection of sneakers. Reggie’s love affair with the Nike Air Force 1 was evident through his collection and the ties he made to other collectors and vendors on the internet. From Japan to Europe he was known to be a true Air Force Connoisseur. He shared this passion with his father who survives the son but keeps the legacy alive. The pair recently received a token of recognition from the bosom of Nike Sportswear itself and Beacon of the AF1 brand: 21 Mercer Street aka Bespoke Headquarters. Having taken up a collection to achieve the goal of $820, funds were acquired within 24 hours with the help of Sneaker Culture Philanthropists like Dj Clark Kent, Brian aka Kadoma of the H-Town Sneaker Summit in Houston, Matt Halfhill from NiceKicks, and YM of the great SneakerNews. These channels successfully drew enough traffic and opened enough hearts and wallets to memorialize Reggie’s passing with 2 Pair of Nike Air Force 1 Bespokes: 1 to honor Reggie and one for his father to cherish.

The pair you see pictured above are in fact the Bespokes that will immortalize Reggie’s Sole and live eternally on the feet of his father. The twain shall represent the spirit of an undying love for a culture that binds worlds otherwise disconnected. With each step the father takes, the son shall live on via these beautiful works of art.

21 Mercer also added to the gift by creating a custom laser etched box which bears the names of all the contributors on its interior.

Reggie we miss you.

Please look for a profile for Reggie Holloway on AF1King’s “The Kings” section, coming soon.