Custom “Think Pink” Nike Zoom Rookie by GourmetKickz | Breast Cancer Awareness

Over 20 years ago I survived an aggressive type of Bone Cancer. Being a survivor blessed with second life I have become very sensitive to others battling this global disease. Breast Cancer deserves special attention in my opinion due to some personal experiences with the disease. So this October, let's think Pink as well as Pumpkin and support a great cause!

This Zoom Rookie is painted pink and it's sidewall "spheres" are treated to reflect light (3M). $100 of each sale will be donated via and all records of the donation will be made available to clients after payment for the shoe is made. The list price includes the base Zoom Rookie, no need to send in any shoes. If you would like to send in a pair of your own Rookies, please look for my "Send in Your Rookies" listing and select "Think Pink" from the options.

All sales are final. Pleaase allow 3 to 4 months construction time due to current workload.

Price: $550.00

This product has sold out.