Custom “Luminous Galaxy” Foamposite One

This is a customized Foamposite One themed after the beautiful galaxies and nebulae in our cosmos. The galaxy or nebula print used is all up to the client, we can discuss which one will be used after purchase is made or you can use the one shown. The base shoe is negligible in terms of which color foamposite one is used, as long as it has a clear sole. The base shoe IS included in the price of this project. The exterior of the foamposite is treated with my signature “VT-style” wrap consisting of galaxy or nebula print. No two pair will be identical, making each and every pair a true one of a kind. The exterior of the shoe is then made to glow and the stars are accented to glow just a bit brighter. The resulting masterpiece is a truly luminous galaxy!

*Important:  Each pair made will use a slightly different galaxy print, making each one its own unique 1 of a kind.

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Price: $800.00

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