Custom LeBron 9 “Joker” by GourmetKickz | “Got Jokes Man?” AKA “JokerMans”

One of my favorite iterations of The Joker has got to be the character that Heath Ledger portrayed in The Dark Knight. Hands down one of the darkest versions of the beloved villain, and what a well dressed SOB! Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, a great hex patterned shirt, great vibrant purple jacket and a green waistcoat, finished off with pinstripe trousers and old school braces... such a dapper fool that Joker. And why not create a pair of LeBron 9's to match such a well played ensemble? Well the dish you see before you is cooked extra crispy so anyone with a half baked brain can tell you are reppin the dastardly don himself. Pre-Order your pair now and have them in time for the peak of summer.

As always a play on words creates the name which is exactly the type of question the Joker might ask, right after "Why So Serious?".... "Got Jokes Man?" and of course the obvious second nickname... "JokerMans".

This package comes with a matching all over print shirt.

All sales are final for this custom product. No refunds or order cancellations. Wait times are shown next to shoe size selection. No rushing. No excessive order inquiries. Your patience and discretion are appreciated.

Price: $650.00

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