Commission a 1 of 1 Dish from Chef of GourmetKickz

So you don’t see the design you want on the site? You want to send in your own shoe for something unique? Well here is the process for commissioning a 1 of 1… remember this is art, and there is a process. Wait times for this highly customized process range from 5 to 8 months, sometimes longer if the piece is very complicated. If you are impatient, this process is not for you. Keep in mind, the more you spend, the crazier I can get. Need help deciding a budget? Get an idea of what you get for your money by browsing the site, particularly the “Send in Your Kicks for Work” section.

Note: The minimum budget for Foamposites is $600, please keep that in mind if you plan on sending in a foamposite.

  • Select your budget
  • Pay / Commission the artist
  • Receive an email or phone call to discuss your ideas
  • Receive a sketch within 2 weeks
  • Send in the shoe you and Chef decided would work best for the design
  • Wait while Chef cooks
  • Wait some more
  • Receive an email notice of shipment
  • Open the mail and pass out in shock
  • Get hated on by the whole world and demand a 3 foot personal space barrier from everyone you see.
  • That’s about it! If you make it any more complicated or try to get me to depart from the above procedure, it won’t work and I will probably delete your email address, add you to my spam list, and banish you from the GourmetKickz Kitchen for life! LOL

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    There are no refunds or order cancellations on 1 of 1 commissioned pieces of art. All sales are final. Please review my previous work to get an idea of my abilities. I am sure you will be more than happy with the final product.

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