Custom “Carmine Foamposite” | Penny + MJ | by GourmetKickz

This is not a dream! But it is a concept that may take some time to wrap your mind around. You have seen Nike tease their "concord" foams, well here is a GourmetKickz dish that also combines Penny construction with JB coloring. The upper is painted carmine with the ridges remaining the original white. The lining is blacked out with carmine accents. The sole is faintly dyed ice blue to resemble the characteristic tint of Jordan 6 soles.

The image is an accurate render which will be replaced with an actual completed product when that time comes. If you doubt Chef's ability to bring this render to life exactly as it appears, please look through this site and think again. The all white foam used is included in the price, hence the size selection.

Please inquire for availability by clicking the purchase link and completing the contact form as the Kitchen is currently fully booked.

Price: $800.00

This product has sold out.