Will I be sent a tracking number?

Yes, of course. We recognize how important it is to be able to track the item you have been waiting for. We upload tracking numbers as soon as items hit the mail stream. We ship via USPS as a standard but sometimes use FedEx for larger shipments. Tracking numbers are submitted to PayPal who then alerts you via your PayPal email address. If you paid over the phone, a tracking number is emailed to you or texted to you.

Shirts receive tracking updates within about 1 week from the time you paid. If you contact us looking for a tracking number or status sooner than that, then you should go back and read the product page you purchased from. This website is run by 1 person, and the products on this site are designed by that same person so emailing about things already discussed on this site can result in being banned from the site and a rushed or substituted product.