What is your Refund / Return Policy?

We have moved to a made to order system as of August 2016 for all shirt and apparel. Therefore all sales are final. However we do operate under a satisfaction guarantee that allows you the opportunity to discuss any issues you have with the item you received.

Issues that arise with custom sneakers may be eligible for a touch up or final edits. In these cases you will be asked to send detailed photos of the issues you have with the sneakers and we will open a discussion as to how to make things better. If your requests are within reason and demonstrate a flaw that could have been avoided, we are happy to accept the sneakers back to re-work them and address the errors.

Issues that arise with dye sublimation shirts must meet the following criteria to be eligible for refund or reprint/re-ship:

  1. A flaw must be present in the actual construction of the shirt: torn seams or frayed stitching that went unnoticed during the dye transfer process.
  2. A dye sublimation flaw that exists outside of the armpit and seaming areas that are discussed as common areas of non-transfer on the “Dye Sublimation Tees” information page.
  3. A clear error / mis-shipment that resulted in you receiving the wrong design or size.

Issues that arise with cotton tees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for refund or reprint/re-ship:

  1. Wrong size sent/received
  2. Wrong designed sent/received
  3. Graphic much too light (you will be asked to send a photo using the flash on your camera to reveal the saturation of the print).

We do not accept returns of items that did not fit since size charts are provided.

Due to previous abuse of our satisfaction guarantee and the fact that all shirts are custom made to order, we can no longer accept returns of shirts just because “you didn’t like the shirt”.