Welcome to where the Nike Air Force One reigns supreme! While this website does carry loads of other exclusive sneakers, shirts, and custom kicks (hand painted or reconstructed authentic sneakers), my love for the Nike AF1 is the main reason I built this website.

My nickname is “Chef” and my sneaker enterprise / brand is called GourmetKickz. I began collecting kicks over 10 years ago and have been customizing them for about the same period of time. I am both a sneakerhead and an artist. Therefore there are two distinct product groups on this website: exclusive sneaker releases for resale, and custom kicks that have been modified by me. I also sell t-shirts which are designed by me as well as my crease-preventing shoe insert called The DeCreaseR.

I have been featured on the News and in several publications as a both a reputable collector and a noted artist. Please do not worry about the legitimacy of the items I carry here on this or any of my other websites, they are always 100% authentic and I do not support fakes in any way.