Custom Sneakers

This site also features a collection of Custom Nike Air Forces, custom foamposites, custom lebrons and other custom kicks that I have designed over the years. The goal ofGourmetKickz is to serve custom sneakers in a restaurant themed fashion that places great focus on creating something very unique for a client with high end taste. Many of my newest designs will launched for sale with just an illustration of the shoe. This is done purposely to book orders in advance since there is currently an average wait time of several months for any custom sneakers ordered on this site. Why such a long wait? Each sneaker takes nearly a whole day of non-stop work to create, sometimes several days or weeks are needed to cure coats of dye or allow adhesives to set. Additionally sometimes as an artist I need to step away from a piece, get inspired or get back in my “zone” and attack a piece with a fresh new attitude and state of mind. I do not “color by number” or treat pieces as standard coloring jobs.

Since there is only 1 Chef, orders have piled up and I have established a pipeline. To expedite and manage orders, I try to group similar shoes to try and get them done in tandem. However, sometimes as an artist if I have a few size runs of a shoe to create, I do like to break them up so I don’t get bored of creating the same piece over and over again. So once again, there is no exact method to how I bring orders to life, I am sure some other sneaker customizers are more systematic so if you prefer a defined system hit them up and stay off this site.

Illustrations are replaced with actual product images as time allows. While I understand that it can be difficult to order based on just an illustration, I offer my track record and previous works as proof that my illustrations are designed to my abilities and nothing shown in my illustrations is misrepresented. To help build confidence I have created a comparison page of mockup illustrations vs. their actual product counterparts. You can see that page by clicking here >>

It is best to order custom sneakers while illustration images are up to avoid missing out. Many of my custom sneaker designs are subject to removal from this website at any time without notice.

All of my custom sneakers are built to last, but sometimes I cannot guarantee that they will be scuff proof. Foamposites and hyperfuse based Nike products do not soak up paint, therefore when these items are painted, expect scuff marks to peel paint off. If you are looking for durability on foamposite or hyperfuse based products, pay specific attention to my custom designs that use my trademark “VT-Like fabric application” technique. This application is extremely durable and will resist scuffs and serious abrasions. To see more of my custom sneakers head on over to the gallery page or take a look at what I have cooked up recently on Instagram.