Custom Sneaker Wait Times

The Kitchen runs on a perpetual backlog as this is a pipeline craft. This means an order booked today does not get started until all the orders booked before that one are completed. As you can imagine things back up easily especially when a bunch of orders are placed in a short period of time. I operate alone, I will not water down my craft by hiring help like some other “artists” or by over-using the airbrush like some other “artists”. Nor will I implement machines or factories like other “artists”. I do everything by hand in a manner that creates a durable, wearable, and long lasting masterpiece.

If you want your kicks quick, there are certain listings that offer fast turnaround times. These sneakers are generally Roshes, Vans, or AF1’s. More complicated shoes like Foamposites and LeBrons will take much longer since there is a greater demand for them, they are harder to customize properly, and more orders have been placed for them. Therefore wait times for high demand shoes can be longer than 1 year!

Once you place an order there are no refunds, cancellations or switching your order. If you persist to try and cancel or file an innacurate PayPal claim you will be sent a “grab bag” of shirts equal to or greater than the value of your original purchase. If you wish to inquire about a status update please wait at least until your estimated wait time has passed.