Art Is A Passion

I do not consider my custom sneaker services to be a “business” since it is more of an art. When you commission me to do work, do not think of our relationship as a “business relationship” think of it more as a canvas to artist relationship. There is no standard practice or exact method of predicting when and how projects will turn out. An artist is never completely sure of what his work will look like when complete, he just knows when to stop, step away, look at his work, and say “finis”. Therefore put aside all expectations of how YOU want business to occur, ultimately this is my Kitchen and I operate my Kitchen under my rules. If you bug me too much or I get tired of your needling emails asking when your piece will be started or completed, I may just choose to terminate your order. The items that I do consider to be a business are my accessories: shirts, DeCreaseRs, etc. You can expect pretty strict standards of practice on all items I don’t have to create by hand.