All About Chef

Chef is the artist behind the brand. A cancer survivor driven by his passion for life and creativity. His passion for sneakers gave him an outlet during his long recovery from bone cancer and was refocused toward a need to create. Chef is an artist by nature and true connoisseur of all things limited, collectible, rare, and fashionable. He has an impeccable sense of style and a great intuition for what will be hot and what won’t be. He is a taste-maker and trendsetter. Chef has written for SneakerNews and SoleCollector Magazine and been written about more times than he can recall. Being featured in Cey Adams book “The Definition of Hip-Hop” as well as Sole Collector’s 25th Anniversary AF1 issue are 2 of his most notable mentions. Chef is an award winning sneaker collector and has one of the most prominent collection of Nike AF1’s in the northeast. He is a veritable dictionary for AF1’s and a great resource for all questions to do with the care and maintenance of sneakers, leather, and shoes. Chef is also the inventor of the world’s first crease preventing shoe insert, he is a utility patent holder of the device known worldwide as The DeCreaseR.

Chef has never dealt with fake shoes or B-grades and considers the dealing in shoes that are inauthentic to be a huge disgrace. Therefore Chef will never offer a shoe for sale that he has not authenticated. Some sneakers on this site may be available on pre-order but will not ship until the day of release. This is because Chef does not deal with “early release” sneakers unless they are sourced from the Nike “Seeding” Division or a Nike Sales Rep’s Sample allocation. Sneakers are more often than not sourced from actual Nike accounts.