About The Apparel

All the t-shirts I offer on this website have been either designed by me or are a collaborative effort with renown graphic artist “Mas”. The shirts offered on this website therefore are only available on GourmetKickz associated websites. They are all made to order and are subject to removal from this website at any time without advance notice.  There are 2 types of shirts available: graphic tees and all over print tees. Both types take about 2 weeks to make since they are made to order.

For all shirts keep in mind that images shown on this website are mockup images created in RGB color mode. Some colors and effects are not able to be printed with these exactly color settings and are therefore converted to CMYK which may differ slightly from what you perceive on your computer screen or device. With that said all efforts are made to use colors that are a “closest match” given the inks, materials and processes available to me. Some effects (glowing, branding, fading, splattering) will cause for some slight color adjustments to be made to the background color or pattern. When this is done, the background may not be an exact color match but will match as it will remain in the same specific color family. This color matching is sacrificed to some degree to achieve more important and striking artistic effects. Patterns and textures are specifically difficult to match so bear in mind that there will be some degree of variance with these types of designs.