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If your query is regarding a custom sneaker status update or cancellation / credit request please use this page.

Please read the FAQ’s below before completing the contact form. The answer to your question is most likely there.

Q. Are your sneakers 100% Authentic?

A. Yes! I would never sell or customize fakes.

Q. Why are some of your sneakers so expensive, sometimes over $500?

A. Most of the sneakers on this site are customized works of art. These sneakers started life as a Nike manufactured shoe, then landed in my “Kitchen” where I added my own artwork and flare to, thus transforming them into GourmetKickz “food for the sole”.

Q. Is the shoe included in the price? Or do I have to send in my own shoe?

A. Most of the listing include the base shoe needed to produce the final custom piece shown. If the listing lets you select your shoe size, it includes the base shoe. To drill down to listings that allow you to send in your own kicks click the “send in your kicks for work” link on the left hand menu.

Q. What is process to get a custom sneaker done?

A. If the design you want is not already listed on the site, you must use the “1 of 1 page“  or “1 of 1 LeBron X page” and commission Chef to create something unique. Details are listed from there. Currently there is no quote system available on this website and due to the volume of orders time cannot be spent sharing ideas until you have commissioned Chef. Don’t know how much to spend? That is understandable, budget choices are therefore listed on the 1 of 1 page.

Q. I saw a custom shoe you did a while ago and want the same thing done, but I don’t see it on the site. Can you do that design again?

A. No. If one of my custom works is removed off the site, and the option to reproduce this custom is not listed on one of the “send in your own shoes for work” pages, then I am done making this custom forever. I suggest you seek to get something similar done, or better yet, something completely different.

Q. I saw a custom someone else did and I want the same thing done. Can you help me?

A. No, I do not copy other people’s work.

Q. I just want some “dirty breds” or just the midsole painted on my kicks. Can you help me?

A. No, jobs like this are far too basic to appeal to my artistic sensibilities. If you want to commission me first with the minimum $450 budget and choose to ONLY have a midsole painted, that is your prerogative. But I am sure we can think of better things to do with your budget.

Q. I am just checking in and wanted to ask, how are my kicks doing?

A.I wish I had more news for you but the bulk of your wait time is spent doing just that, waiting for your kicks to be ushered into the kitchen for their turn to get cooked! You will be notified with a tracking number when they are done. If you don’t trust me, I understand, this is a sketchy world, please be honest, tell me you don’t trust me and allow me to refund you. If my profiles and features on large sneaker blogs do not gain your trust, I think it’s better to give you your money back than deal with the negativity.

Q. How long until I receive my custom shoes?

A. Unless you paid for ship times less than 6 months, your wait time ranges from 5 to 8 months. This became the average wait time as of March 2013. If you didn’t know this, then you simply didn’t read the banner at checkout when reviewing your cart and rushed through the site. Unfortunately there are no refunds and you are responsible for the order you place. Wait times are only estimates, this is art not science. If you are not patient, see a therapist to remedy that because I have no time to deal with repeated “how is my order” inquiries, they are annoying. I am just being honest, you should have read.

Q. What is the status of my custom sneaker order?

A. Since your kicks spend most of their time waiting in line to be worked on, there really are only 2 status; not done and done. So unfortunately there is no info to give and I hope you understand that with so many kicks to work on I cannot possibly send updates every time I touch a shoe to put in some work. I am very A.D.D. so sometimes I might be working on a dozen at a time!  Just remember art is not a science, so wait times stated at the time of purchase are just an estimate. GourmetKickz is currently in very high demand.

Q. How durable are your custom kicks? Is there some sort of guarantee?

A. Wearable art has its limits, just like a piece of hanging art. My custom kicks are intended for casual wear, not rough athletic wear. With proper care custom kicks can last indefinitely. My customs use a mix of mediums, from paint to fabric to other textiles. Industrial strength materials are used as are reliable paints and clear coat finishes. Handle with care, because with some of today’s sneaker materials paint no longer soaks in as it would with leather, it adheres just like it would on a car or a sculpture. Clear coats offer durability, however scraping or rough wear will inevitably break down clear coats and compromise the art. Similarly soles that are treated to glow will wear down to the rubber if you wear them on concrete, glow is a coating not a dye. Even dyed soles will wear down eventually to reveal the original sole color, rubber is non-absorbent, it is not a sponge or a fabric, rubber is non-porous and it is tinted on the surface when dyed. not throughout like a piece of cloth being dyed.  The sides of your glowed and dyed soles will last indefinitely, and with care so will the bottoms. Keep in mind the larger of a person you are, the more care is needed when walking on concrete and rough surfaces, your soles will wear down faster due to gravity and physics. Wear with care!

Q. Can I pay extra to speed up my custom sneaker order?

A. Some listings offer shortened timeline options. However these prices are steep but for good reason. I charge approximately $100 per month for each month you want to shorten your wait time by. This price reflects the fact that I may lose an order by bumping your rushed order ahead of another client’s order. If you are willing to pay the extra, I am willing to take the rushed order. BUT, and this is important, there is still a chance that I may miss your shortened deadline. In the event I miss the shortened deadline it is customary that I refund your rush fee. Your order would then be set to ship on my normal estimated timeline. The choice is yours, but this option appears on very few listings.

Q. I pre-ordered some kicks, when will they be shipped.

A. Your kicks will be shipped within a few business days of the release date, not sooner. Do not email for ship dates, you already have the info, you are responsible for reading the information given on the item and at checkout.

Q. What shipping method do you use?

A. I ship USPS Priority with signature confirmation on any order over $200. Smaller orders are shipping with delivery confirmation.

Q. How long until I receive my T-shirt?

A. All shirts are made to order. Graphic printed tees (chest graphic only) take about 7 to 10 business days to ship. All over print tees are also made to order and take longer. All over printed tees take about 2 to 3 weeks before they ship. Plan your purchase accordingly.

Q. Why was my order refunded?

A. You more than likely paid with PayPal using an unconfirmed address.  Most items require a confirmed address. If you have a PayPal account simply log in and double check that your specified shipping addresses are listed as “confirmed”. If your desired shipping address is not yet confirmed please confirm it before re-sending payment or ordering again. If you need assistance with confirming your address in your PayPal account call PayPal, I cannot assist with this. You may have also been refunded due to some misuse of the website: excessive order queries that proved you did not read the details of the item you ordered, inappropriate social media queries (all customer service is handled via this website ONLY), inappropriate call times (very late night or very early AM). In short, I reserve the right to cancel an order if I feel you are being rude or immature.

A. You may also receive a refund because the kicks you sent in were too beat up to create a showcase-worthy piece of art. As instructed on the send in your own kicks pages, you must use your best judgement.

Q. Will I be notified that you got the kicks I sent in?

A. Not unless the tracking number you sent was no good. You are asked to provide a tracking number so I can match it up to your order when the box comes in. The kicks will be inspected in detail when they are next in line to be worked on. This is important! If you send in beat up kicks, you won’t get them back right away because sneakers are not inspected until it is their turn to be worked on. Packages remain sealed until they are worked on to eliminate loss or damage while in my possession.

Q. I was refunded and paid with a card, but I do not see my money, where is it?

A. I do not have it. Once I refund in either PayPal or SquareUp it is up to your bank to release funds back to you. Please contact your bank.

Q. Do you have a customer service number?

A. Yes I do, but you must look through the site before getting it. My number has been abused by people who have clearly not read through the website, sorry I am a 1 person show, so I need prospective clients to search the site and read carefully before calling.

Q. What do I do if I read everything so far and still don’t see the answer to my question?

A. Try reading the About Page or the Site Policies

Q. Why didn’t I get a reply to my email?

A. Because your answer is above somewhere and you didn’t look for it. Read.

Do not email Chef about ideas, not even simple ones, just use this page: 1 of 1 Commissioning Page and pay for a commission first.

“How to” or “what kind of paint / dye” inquiries will be ignored. It is the same as asking me for money.

All other inquiries may be sent using the form below.

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