Purchasing goods from AF1King should be a pleasant experience. As the owner and operator, I aim to provide top notch customer service. Therefore it is important that my clients understand that there are two distinctly different types of items here on AF1King.com.

  • Deadstock exclusive Nike sneakers

Exclusive Nike released sneakers listed on this site will normally  ship within 2 to 3 business days. If a sneaker is listed as a pre-order, it will not ship until the first business day AFTER the release day. If there is a high demand for a pre-order shoe assume a high volume of orders have been received which can lead to slower shipping times due to processing.  There are no refunds, no returns, and no order cancellations. This is a small boutique website, so please treat it like a real boutique. All sales are final. All items sold on AF1King are 100% Authentic and 100% Deadstock.

  • Customized Sneakers

A large majority of the sneakers sold on this website are customized by yours truly Chef, under my brand name GourmetKickz “food for the sole”. Some people do not understand what the difference between a customized sneaker and a Nike released sneaker is, please google for a definition then come back. If you frequent sneaker blogs like NiceKicks and SneakerNews then you are familiar with my work. When purchasing customized sneakers from this website I provide the sneaker, only in some cases do I allow shoes to be sent in. There are special listing which clearly state that a shoe is NOT included and you can send a shoe in for the pictured customization. The descriptions and titles are very detailed so please read.

My custom sneakers listed on this website are my own designs. I do not wish to copy other artists so please do not ask me to. While I appreciate ideas for custom sneakers I am not focused on producing sneakers on customer request. There are plenty of other custom sneaker artists who focus on this. My focus is to develop my own designs that represent an evolution of my body of work. Your input is appreciated and can be applied to 1 of 1 projects, but typically in order to commission a 1 of 1 piece you must already own a custom pair of sneakers by GourmetKickz.

Purchasing custom sneakers from GourmetKickz with the sole intent of reselling on forums or ebay is monitored and strictly prohibited.

Custom sneaker wait times from the moment of purchase are 6 to 8 months. There is only 1 Chef.

There are absolutely no refunds or order cancellation on custom sneaker orders.

Rushing and rude emails will result in the conversion of your payment to a shop credit, which will no longer be good for custom sneakers (t-shirts and accessories only). Similarly the premature filing of claims will be met with shipment of shirts or accessories or both in an amount equal to your purchase. Paypal allows the seller several days to provide tracking information once a claim has been filed. Filing a claim without communicating with Chef (using the contact page) will trigger a conversion of your order to meet the requirement of paypal. Proof of this policy is on account with this website’s representative, therefore the receipt of goods cannot be met with negotiation and your converted order cannot be returned. This is non-negotiable. I reserve the right to refuse orders from anyone at anytime.

  • Graphic Shirts

All shirts are made to order or by hand so they take time. All the shirts are limited and may be dropped from the site at any time. On some occasions I will make custom shirts to your specifications but I require you to purchase something from my website first and become a client before making unique requests.

  • All Over Print Shirts

All over printing is a newer technology with applications that are near limitless. As a newer technology it is not an exact science. Prints are generated in large sheets and laid over a blank t-shirt flat on a press. Double sided shirts go through this process once on each side. Therefore some limitations occur:

  1. The print may not transfer to areas of the shirt that are naturally folded or creased, such as the very edges of the shirt, collar creases, and armpits.
  2. The color results may vary slightly from the graphic image shown, color translation onto the print and ink feeds may vary during the print process, so there is some level of tolerance or error that is allowed.
  3. Graphics may not align perfectly on the sides of the shirt to meet the graphic on the flip side. My printing team does their best to align graphics.

By agreeing to my terms of service you thereby agree to these individual item terms. There are no refunds. If you feel a shirt has been sent to you and has a major error and is far greater out of tolerance than what would be acceptable based on the notes above, please email me using the contact form below.

This page is a dynamic document and may change from time to time, so please visit it often to keep up with any changes in my policies.