The Standard

1. Exclusive sneakers and ready to ship goods: these goods are shipped with USPS Priority Service and are picked up by a 3rd party courier service who then processes my labels and wraps all of my packages or double boxes them as needed. Once you receive tracking there may be a slight delay before your item is scanned by a USPS Sort facility due to the use of this 3rd party courier.

2. Custom T-shirts: Custom shirts are shipped remotely from my shirt printing partner. The shirts take a few days to complete, are transferred to postal service processing, and delivered with delivery confirmation. Once ordered custom shirts can take up to 10 days to arrive, in some rare cases a couple days longer.

3. Custom sneakers: My 3rd party courier shipping partner is notified once your custom sneakers are completed. They are instructed to do a final impartial review of the product to be sure there are no strong odors of paint or adhesive, as such odors can alert USPS to hold and sometimes reject packages. If the shipping partner detects too strong an odor, they hold the package to air it out at their facility. Once deemed ready to package, the partner wraps all custom sneakers with tyvek paper priority mail wrap, labels the packages properly and brings them to a USPS Sort Facility. Once USPS has them, they ship with Priority Service and your tracking will update with movement.


If you have received a tracking number and tried to track it, and after a few days still see no movement of your package, do not be alarmed. This usually means that my shipping partner is holding the package to be aired out. In some cases custom sneakers that are newly completed will have trace odors of paint, finisher, or adhesive. These odors can trigger USPS to reject packages, therefore the shipping partner airs them out to avoid a package rejection. Usually there is no more than a 2 to 3 business day lag between the time you receive your tracking and the moment USPS takes possession for processing. This is normal and is my business standard. Having a 3rd party courier service to process packages in this manner means fewer shipping errors, fewer order mix-ups, assurance of a well completed product, top notch quality control, and proper package handling. I am focuses on creating shoes and completing orders, my time is better spent in the “kitchen” not carrying packages to the post office. Thank you for understanding my standards operating procedures when shipping packages.